Tubing GSR/GS

Red rubber / beige supple gum tubing is made of natural rubber and offers very good elasticity and flexibility.
It is light, wear resistant, has good impermeability and good chemical resistance to acids and bases.
Heavy wall sizes are available for suction/semi-vacuum and vacuum applications.
Application Icons:
Industrial and Laboratory


Download the GSR/GS Spec Sheet

Size Range:

Transfer: 18 Sizes from ID 1 x OD 3mm to ID 16 x OD 22mm

Suction: 11 Sizes from ID 4 x OD 9mm to ID 15 x OD 30mm

Vacuum: 7 Sizes from ID 4 x OD 14mm to ID 20 x OD 45mm

Beige: 9 Sizes from ID 15 x OD 21mm to ID 50 x OD 60mm



Temperature Range:

-30C to 70C

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