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Tygon S3™ M-34-R
Raw milk transfer tubing for dairy processing. Features a smooth non-porous bore, crystal clarity and is flexible for easy installation.
Meets FDA, NSF, #-A, Japan Food Sanitation Law #370/1959, REACH, 1935/2004/EC and 10/2011/EU requirements for food contact. Contains no DEHP or BPA. Previosly Transflow S3™ M-34-R
Application Icons:
Food and Beverage


Download the Tygon S3™ M-34-R Spec Sheet

Size Range:

10 Sizes from ID 11.1 x OD 19.5mm to ID 76.2 x OD 101.6mm 



Temperature Range:

-36°C to 74°C

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